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Feb 04, 2024

Serena Williams' unconventional shower will surprise you

The tennis pro unveils her bathroom and interior designers are shocked by her unconventional shower Decor Ideas. Project Inspiration. Expert Advice. Delivered to your inbox. Thank you for signing up

The tennis pro unveils her bathroom and interior designers are shocked by her unconventional shower

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In addition to her 23 Grand Slam singles titles, we think Serena Williams can count the interior design of her Florida home among her impressive accomplishments. The tennis titan’s ultra-modern mansion sits just north of Miami, and every detail (including her kitchen island) is absolutely stunning. Now, let's dive into why Serena Williams's bathroom is also perfect.

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A mirror selfie shows the talented tennis star posed with her hand on her hip in front of a gold-trimmed floor-length mirror. In the background, we see Serena’s artistic tiles (one of the biggest tile trends of 2023!) and glass pendant lights. Most importantly, the photo features the former professional tennis player’s swoon-worthy shower. Long glass walls encase both a free-standing egg-shaped bathtub, a rain shower, and a handheld shower on the wall. The unique design creates a stylish, open-concept shower that makes bathing the ultimate treat.

Design experts love both the look and the functionality of the chic shower. ‘The glass dividers serve the purpose of protecting the rest of the area from water whilst eliminating the need for a traditional shower door; further adding to the sense of openness. These glass panels would also prove helpful to keep that area warm whilst having a bath' says Melissa Read, interior designer at Studio Burntwood.

The walk-in shower inspiration is infinite in this room. The comforting fusion with the natural light of the outdoors is another stunning feature of the shower. Melissa says ‘this design emulates the feeling of a tropical outdoor shower, with ample space and an abundance of natural light. The design works well due to its generous spacing and overhead window which floods the space with light without losing any privacy.’

Melissa Read attended the KLC School of Design in Chelsea before working at London's best-regarded interior design studios. She has worked with several private clients and property developers and designed flats in Chelsea, Belgravia, and Mayfair.

This bright light floods through the window and out the shower doors, providing multiple benefits. For instance, Ryan Ratkowski, founder of Rustic Decorating says ‘a shower window connects your private space to the boundlessness of the outdoors. It's like having an open conversation with nature, each day, a new topic.’ Furthermore, he states that the natural light through the glass can create ‘an illusion of space’ causing the room to appear larger.

Former interior designer Ryan Ratkowki is a contractor and the founder of Rustic Decorating. He has a passion for restoring old and vintage pieces. With his years in interior design and contracting, he's mastered the art of blending variouselements to create inviting space.

Furthermore, designers say the colors are carefully chosen for relaxation. ‘The combination of soothing hues and carefully selected materials create a serene atmosphere, enhanced by the opulence of the brass hardware and marble tiles’ explains Melissa Read. Ryan Ratkowski goes on to say that the warmth and earthiness of natural stone like Serena’s marble turn a bathroom into a ‘haven of tranquility.’ Perhaps the perfect place to rest after an exhausting tennis match.

Finally, the separate showerheads make showering extra easy. ‘An overhead, wall-mounted, and hand-held shower head has been installed which covers every eventuality, including cleaning the shower but also showering without getting your hair wet – a necessity!’ says Melissa.’

To recreate the look in your own home, shop Serena Williams's bathroom below! Our experts found the queen of tennis's exact bathtub and lookalike showerheads.

This sleek, egg-shaped tub creates the perfect space for ultimate relaxation. The freestanding bathtub is made of bright white volcanic limestone.

This handheld shower by Moen is perfect for daily bathing in style. The flexible hose and eco-performance head make it highly functional, while the gold finish is ultra-stylish.

The rain-adjustable shower head made by MaxBrass is beautiful and adjustable. Its design allows it to swivel and pivot with adjustable water flow, making it perfect for everyone.

Decor Ideas. Project Inspiration. Expert Advice. Delivered to your inbox.

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